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Loyalty Scheme

With effect from 15th May 2007 we have introduced a loyalty scheme to McKeeman Models.

Now every time you spend, you can earn loyalty points that can be traded in for future discounts in the form of “e-vouchers”.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Any order placed through the website on or after 15th May will be eligible to earn points
  • For every full £1 of spend on kits, decals or accessories, you will earn a loyalty point.
  • Once you have accumulated sufficient loyalty points these can be traded in for e-vouchers at a rate of 50 loyalty points = £2.50 e-voucher.
  • The minimum e-voucher value is £2.50
  • Loyalty points and e-vouchers are non transferable.
  • Loyalty points and e-vouchers will have no cash value.
  • Loyalty points and e-vouchers will have no redemption or expiry date.
  • Loyalty points and e-vouchers cannot be earned and en-cashed on the same order. They can be used for money off future orders.
  • Postage & Packing costs are not included in the scheme.
  • eBay and ebid sales are not included within the scheme, only sales through this website.

  • Loyalty points can be converted to e-vouchers at any time provided they are converted in multiples of 50 loyalty points at a time.

    To get you started we have also awarded points for any order placed since the start of May 2007.

    Should you have any queries or suggestions (starting with a better name than “loyalty points”!) please feel free to contact us on

    Small Print

    Please note that in order for us to record your accumulated points, we will need to record your name and address, as well as your points, on our database. Should you not wish to be included in the loyalty scheme please contact us on the email above and we will remove your details from this database.

    We reserve the right to suspend or remove this scheme at any time. If we do, we will give written notice on this website.

    Please Click Here for an example