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Top Selling Items in the 30 days up to May 31, 2020

No. SoldModel
12Skytrex 1/76 Decals - German Crosses
10Guideline Publications 1/72 A9 Cruiser Tank Mk I
9Skytrex 1/76 Decals - Allied Stars
7IBG Models 1/72 Scammell Pioneer R100 Heavy Artillery Tractor
7IBG Models 1/72 Scammell Pioneer SV/2S Heavy Breakdown Tractor
6SHQ 20mm Romanian R1b Light Tank
5Airfix 1/72 Churchill Mk VII Tank
5Armourfast 1/72 Crusader Mk II
5SHQ 20mm French Citroen 3 ton Truck
5Skytrex 1/76 Decals - Arms Of Service British Armd Div Part 2
5Skytrex 1/76 Decals - British Divisional Signs
5Skytrex 1/76 Decals - German Tank Numbers
4Anyscale 20mm Lobster Boat (Small, Waterline) (20S70)
4IBG Models 1/72 2cm Flak38 Anti Aircraft Gun
4Micro Scale 1/76 & 1/48 WWII British & Australian Armoured Division Insignia 1940s
4Orion 1/72 WWII Soviet Artillery Crews
4Pegasus Hobbies 1/72 Maus German WWII Super Heavy Tank
4SHQ 20mm Allied Tools (VP43)
4SHQ 20mm British Small Arms (VP50)
4Skytrex 1/76 Decals - British Modern AFV "Gulf War"
4Skytrex 1/76 Decals - Wehrmacht Number Plates